Santa Barbara Farmers Market, A Perfect Pairing

You can find Lily Jones in the Santa Barbara tasting room of Au Bon Climat Winery

What better wine pairing than with fresh produce from our local farmers? Lining State Street on Tuesday afternoons, just around the corner from the tasting room, the Santa Barbara Farmers Market is an excellent jaunt. 

A bottle of 2019 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir by Au Bon Climat - "La Bauge Au-dessus" sitting amongst small baskets of fresh tomatoes at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market

Frecker Farms tomatoes are the freshest heirloom and cherry tomatoes around. Just look at those colors! An excellent pairing with La Bauge Au Dessus Pinot, consider charring the tomatoes on the grill or having them fresh with burrata and balsamic glaze.

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A bottle of 2020 Santa Ynez Valley, Sanford & Benedict Chardonnay by Au Bon Climat sitting on a checkered tablecloth with bundles of santa barbara farmers market radishes behind

What a plentiful stand Jimenez Family Farm has- from radishes and turnips to rhubarb pie! This pairing couldn’t get more French- try a spicy radish, lathered in butter and a sprinkle of flaky salt, with our 2020 Sanford Chardonnay.

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a bottle of 2019 Clendenen Family Vineyards Tocai Friulano standing in the midst of hundreds of fresh peaches at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market

Peach season is finally here! No better way to pair a fresh stone fruit than with a wine that is so reminiscent of them. Try the Tocai Friulano with a peach crumble, or a fresh peach and mint salad. Say hello to James at the Fair Hills Farms stand, and compliment him on his photography skills (shown above).

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a bottle of Clendenen Family Vineyards 2021 Pinot Gris sitting on a blue table cloth with small baskets of ripe figs around at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market

These figs from Avila and Sons Farms Figs are a perfect snack on a hot day drizzled with honey, paired with a glass of 2021 Pinot Gris. Preferably sitting on a patio with a good view or a great book.

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a bottle of 2022 Mondeuse Rosé by Clendenen Family Vineyards standing on a polk-a-dot table with stacks of fresh pies around from Jimenez Family Farms in white boxes and small pie tins at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market

Our tasting room manager Wiktoria loves rhubarb. She also loves the 2022 Mondeuse Rosé. She feels there may be no greater match than our rosé with the Marcie’s Rhubarb Pie from Jimenez Family Farms. Please share with loved ones. And Wiktoria.

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No greater backdrop than fresh flowers! Visit Roots Organic Farm and treat yourself to some gorgeous marigolds, corn flowers, pea flowers, snapdragons, lavender, you name it! The visual sense is crucial to our palates, and fresh flowers enhance the joie de vivre that our wines create.

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— Lily, Au Bon Climat Tasting Room

As the sun sets on the bustling Santa Barbara Farmers Market, we are reminded of the inherent connection between nature’s bounty and the art of winemaking. The symphony of flavors that emanates from our wines finds its perfect accompaniment in the freshest, locally sourced produce and the beauty of vibrant flowers. We invite you to immerse yourself in this delightful pairing experience, celebrating the essence of our region’s agriculture, craftsmanship, and community spirit. Join us at our tasting room, where each sip of wine harmonizes with the abundance of nature, creating an unforgettable sensory journey that truly captures the spirit of Santa Barbara. Come, raise your glass, and toast to the perfect pairing of the Santa Barbara Farmers Market and our exceptional wines. Cheers!