A Pairing of Passions

Our musical tasting room team member, Sam

My two favorite passions are music and wine.  I have been playing piano for the majority of my life and working in wine for a number of years as well. Music is something I am very passionate about and occupies much of my free time, whether be playing, creating, or listening, truly very close to my heart.  My love of wine has evolved into a career and happily brought me to Au Bon Climat.

I love drinking wine while listening to music, and even “pairing” wine to music.  I wanted to share this experience with  Au Bon Climat’s wine club members and guests.  So, I helped launch Live Music Sunday for the Summer.  Because of the nature of our tasting room, calm and relaxed, the music has to be conducive to our environment.  What one likes in music, like wine, can be very personal.  Just like our wines whose depth of offerings meets different tastes and styles; the music offerings will also be different to meet everyone’s preference.  Whether your tastes in music are Jazz, Bossa Nova, or Spanish Guitar, we will have something for you to enjoy.  

2023 Summer Lineup for our Live Music Sundays

Here is the lineup for musicians:

  • 07/09 Bossa Nova: Joe Barbosa
  • 07/30 Will Breman
  • 08/13 Jazz: Rob Moreno Duo
  • 08/27 Bossa Nova: Joe Barbosa
  • 09/10 Jazz: Rob Moreno Duo
  • 09/24 Guitarist Virtuoso: Jake DeTar
  • 10/08 Will Breman

( You can see these upcoming dates & even add then to your personal calendar on our Event Calendar. )

Every other Sunday the Tasting Room will host Live Music Sundays from 3 pm to 5 pm.  We put tastings on hold, so you can enjoy a glass of wine.  Club members’ discounts apply to glasses of wine.

I love my job, educating and sharing great wines with people.  Sundays are now my favorite day at the tasting room, with wine and music.  Yeah!

— Sam, Au Bon Climat Tasting Room